Jubël have mastered the sound of summer. As Sweden’s premier pop act, the Stockholm-based duo specializes in dance-pop earworms built on intricate songwriting, crisp production and feel-good vocals. That winning formula has garnered the chart-topping, platinum-selling group millions of cross-platform streams and a dedicated worldwide following—all within three short years.

At the heart of Jubël are songwriters/musicians/producers Sebastian Atas, the band’s primary producer and lead vocalist, and Victor Sjöström, the key songwriter and player of all instruments. Their singular dance-meets-pop sound echoes their background in electronic music—both artists started off in their local EDM scene, with Victor DJing and Sebastian producing—expanded by their refined take on radio-friendly pop.

“We’re like a live band with electronic elements and influences,” Sebastian says. “We have songs with pop structures, but it’s all very danceable, four-on-the-floor music. The songs can work in the clubs, at festival stages and on pop radio.”

Jubël have come a long way since first forming in 2017. Both Sebastian and Victor had been writing, producing and releasing original music individually for years. After a chance meeting on SoundCloud—“Sebastian uploaded his stuff, and I really liked what I heard. I DM’ed him, and the rest is history,” Victor remembers—the two joined forces when they learned they both lived in Halmstad, a small town on the Swedish west coast famous for its sandy beaches and breathtaking landscape.

Growing up just a few minutes from the ocean and the beaches has been a blessing and has most certainly influenced our music,” Victor explains. “We always want to create a warm ‘summer sound.’ It’s hard to describe in words, but you can hear it in our music.”

Their innate passion for music started at a young age for both creatives: Victor bought his first guitar at 15,while a 16-year-old Sebastian learned about digital music production at a gaming gathering after watching someone play a “weird game” that turned out to be Fruity Loops. Following a short stint performing as up-and-coming club DJs and producing music for local artists, they relocated to Stockholm in 2019 to pursue music full time and began expanding their sound beyond the dance floor.

“We felt locked in, creatively, after a few years on the DJ scene. We needed to do something different, experiment with more organic elements. We decided to create Jubël as a new avenue for our creativity and sound,” Sebastian says. “Nobody wanted to sing on our songs, so we bought a mic and started to play with it. I never sang a note before in my life, but it felt quite natural to me. Victor focused on the songwriting, and just like that, Jubël was born.”