The Swedish pop duo from Halmstad Jubël is the collaborative efforts of Mr Sebastian Atas and Mr Victor Sjöström. Prior to the birth of Jubël both Sebastian and Victor had both written, produced and released music for many years, but It was when the duo started to work together and found and developed a new sound that Jubël was formed.

“Our sound is modern, organic with an electronic twist”, explains Victor. “We want to create unique dynamics and we can really do that with our different experiences and music background”. Victor adds that they write all the music together while Sebastian also sings. The band experiences some great success with the single Illusion that was the soundtrack in a global HM campaign. But their big break came in the form of a cover of Dancing in the Moonlight, original recorded by King Harvest in 1972. To date Jubëls version has in excess of 200 million streams on Spotify and during the summer 2018 it was in the top 50 of Spotify in no fewer than five countries while In Sweden it was Spotifys top fifth most streamed track as well as being playlisted on both Swedish and international radio stations.